Introducing the smart and easy way to manage your Plan 3 and DCP retirement accounts

Now you can get ongoing investment recommendations so you can stay on top of your financial future and quit wondering if you invested properly or are taking on too much risk. Get started today for only $25/month

Introducing - Scenic Plan Confidence

It's Time To Take Back Control

Your employer sponsored retirement accounts are often the largest accounts you have yet there is very little help offered when it comes to managing it’s investments.

Are you really just suppose to choose investments on your own or put your life savings into some target date fund and hope it all works out?

We don’t think so which is why we started Scenic Financial, the only firm that is dedicated to helping Washington State Employees build successful retirement plans.

Our new Scenic Plan Confidence service provides you with ongoing portfolio recommendations for all of your different retirement plans including Plan 3, DCP, 401k, 403b & TSA’s.

No long term contracts, cancel at anytime.

Get Started Today - Only $25/ Month

How does this work?

Get Started In Just 3 Steps

Step 1: Login to setup your profile

Step 2: Choose the investment portfolio that best matches your risk tolerance

Step 3: You will be given asset allocations based on your selections. Login to your retirement account and make the recommended investment changes

* Portfolios are updated every quarter. Every month you will get updated allocations for future contributions to help maximize each dollar invested.


Doesn't DRS already help me with my own investments?

Nope! Neither DRS or VOYA have any licensed advisors on hand to provide you with any type of investment advice.

Can't I Just Use A Target Date Fund?

Yes you could. However Target date funds often don’t take on enough risk earlier in your career which could leave lots of money on the table and then have too much risk when your reach your retirement age.

I have a financial advisor, can't I just get recommendations from them?

You could. But if they aren’t already doing that chances are they don’t provide that service. It’s also likely that have no idea what your investment options are let alone give you consistent updates on how to allocate your investments in all of your different retirement accounts

Why do I need advice if retirement is so far away?

The earlier you start taking your retirement seriously the better your future will be. If getting investment advice is able to  improve your investment performance by just 1% a year that could add tens of thousands of dollars to your retirement over the long run.

Doesn't the fund managers already trade investments for us so we don't have to?

Fund managers are only in charge of managing their own funds and keeping it inline with their benchmarks. They aren’t in charge of your own personal portfolio.

Can I get advice on more than one account?

Yes, you can receive advice on as many accounts as you want.

Could I add my spouses 401k plan so they can also get advice on their investments?

Yes, you can link any of the following accounts for you and your spouse for no additional fees:

Plan 3, DCP, 403b, TSA, 401k, 457, SEP & Simple IRA’s

How much does this cost?

$25/ Month, Cancel Anytime

This seems expensive, is it really worth the cost?

If you feel your investments could make more than $300 in the next year by getting advice then it should be worth the price. Keep in mind this price covers all of your accounts you want advice on

$300 for advice on a $300k account is equivalent of a .10% fee. The average robo advisor charges .25% a year. DRS currently charges .11% in admin fees while providing no advice.